Friday, October 10, 2014

Quotidian: experiences of the everyday
An exhibition of works by Larissa MacFarlane

10 October - 3 December 2014

Artist Statement
"After many years of recovery from a brain injury when I was 29, I found a home in Melbourne’s West, and so began my journey of becoming an artist. This exhibition is a selection of artworks created over the past seven years, and explores those everyday moments that unite us in our human search for meaning and self-discovery.

Some of the works examine my daily rituals that I undertake in self-managing my chronic illness. Others explore the ways that I have documented and interacted with my everyday environment. And some investigate how we navigate life’s encounters, discover new meanings for life, find places to belong to, as well as propose ways that can celebrate what we have in the here and now."

Larissa MacFarlane is a Melbourne based printmaker. She completed a Diploma of Visual Arts (CAE) in 2010 and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts (Printmaking) at RMIT.  Much of her work is inspired by the urban industrial landscapes of Melbourne’s West and explore the ways in which we coexist with technologies and structures that at the same time we can be so disconnected from.  Larissa also draws inspiration from her experience of illness and disability to investigate ways of linking personal stories to global understandings of where we currently find ourselves in time and space.

She was recently awarded the 2014 RMIT Artland prize, the 2013 Art In Public Places Award in Hobsons’ Bay and has been a Silk Cut finalist for the past  three years.  Though her work as a disability activist, she has also led several community engaged art projects using principles of peer support and self-advocacy to be inclusive of people of all abilities.